Monday, March 12, 2012

Whoops...Late Posting, but some good news!

Internet issues are mostly to blame for my late posting...isn't it the most annoying thing when you can't access the web at all?!  SO grateful it seems to be working least for now!

Anyway, my Mother-in-Law left one week ago today (sniff sniff), and I was right back on track!  Then a funky mood of some sort hit me near the end of the week.  Not sure what it was, but I wasn't as strict as I should have been for a couple of days.  I wasn't horrible, just a little too much snitchin' when my daughter and I were making cupcakes, snatching a little handful of pistachios here and there, and indulging in a Dove chocolate square a couple of times a day.  You know, no major bingeing or anything, just not making the best choices.  Oh well, this is a very honest blog of someone who is struggling to overcome my food addiction!

On the positive side, I actually did some walking this week!  One evening after dinner, I told my hubby he got to watch our 3-year-old, and I was taking the 15-month-old in the stroller for a nice, energetic walk!  I used to do that most every night (at least on warm nights) when my daughter was a baby.  Nowadays, I can't talk her into sitting in the double stroller for a walk, so it just doesn't happen unless my husband is around and willing!  :>  BUT, I really know that the key to my success is making fitness a habit again!  Time to buckle down and conquer!

So, here are the results for the week...not as great as they should be, but at least they're going back the right direction--DOWN!

Official Weigh-In for 3/12/12:  184 lbs

Weight lost this week:   2 lbs

Total weight lost:  5 lbs

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Year Older!

So, this was my birthday week, and it has been wonderful!  Having my mother-in-law here has made it all the more fun for me!  I got pampered with a pedicure, had a full day of shopping with my mom, and no responsibilities for my entire birthday!  What a welcomed break that was.  And, true, I also took a break from the diet that day, but I did a fairly good job of not going crazy.  My biggest no-no that day was my free Krispie Kreme donut...yeah, not good!  Otherwise, though, I made decent choices.  Getting completely back on track has been a little tricky, especially since my MIL is here!  I dipped down to 185 this past Tuesday morning, but after the big birthday I am weighing in at 186 this morning.

Oh well!  Could have definitely been worse!  I will get myself back on track and look forward to having a successful week coming up!

Official Weigh-In for 3/2/12:  186 lbs

Weight lost this week:  + 1 lbs

Total weight lost:  4 lbs