Friday, March 2, 2012

A Year Older!

So, this was my birthday week, and it has been wonderful!  Having my mother-in-law here has made it all the more fun for me!  I got pampered with a pedicure, had a full day of shopping with my mom, and no responsibilities for my entire birthday!  What a welcomed break that was.  And, true, I also took a break from the diet that day, but I did a fairly good job of not going crazy.  My biggest no-no that day was my free Krispie Kreme donut...yeah, not good!  Otherwise, though, I made decent choices.  Getting completely back on track has been a little tricky, especially since my MIL is here!  I dipped down to 185 this past Tuesday morning, but after the big birthday I am weighing in at 186 this morning.

Oh well!  Could have definitely been worse!  I will get myself back on track and look forward to having a successful week coming up!

Official Weigh-In for 3/2/12:  186 lbs

Weight lost this week:  + 1 lbs

Total weight lost:  4 lbs

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